2 thoughts on “Interfaith dialogues 02”

  1. How do the followers of the Ibraham religions deal with idea or concept in their holy books that does not concur with their moral or believe, do they ignore it , assign a different meaning to it or claim that it does not apply to our time
    Then holy books may be irrelevant and it’s only use is for each religion to attack the other religions to prove it is interior


    1. thank you for your comment

      religious fundamentalism is almost always founded on the idea of social planning. but I think the best way to approach religious texts is not as a blueprint for society, but as a blueprint for an individuals’s spiritual and moral differentiation. so we may interpret some verses as metaphorical, outdated, or even impossible, but this doesn’t detract from its central purpose which is to invoke a certain subjective position in the reader. so yes in a sense some of the stories are ‘irrelevant’, but only in terms of their characters, plot devices, and other literal aspects. but they are highly relevant when a certain person can come to understand them as eternal truths. this is also why, I think, religious fundamentalists are associated with more culturally conservative ideas. they want to keep society how it was during the time of the revealed text, so that we don’t have to confront the idea of interpretation and ‘extracting جواهر القران’ that are beyond all sociocultural contects. so in a sense they’re pretty intellectually lazy. we’re left with the daunting task of modernizing religion


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